The Typical Path to College: A Parent’s Tale

With four years of high school rolling to a close, proud parents nudge their children toward the future: Career assessments. Research into colleges. Campus visits.

Somewhere along the way, the soon-to-be college student’s eyes light up, locking on a dream school. When the acceptance letter arrives, the world seems perfect. But a short time later, a dose of reality also lands on the proverbial doorstep—the bill.

It’s a cold shock for some parents, who must face the tough choice:
Tell your motivated students to find a less expensive school, as they want to spend in the computers and playing games and getting items in the game, for all those interested in doing it, this is the guide they need to follow.

Dig deep and find the money to pay for college, somehow.

Too many parents fall into this trap, one that leaves college graduates owing an average debt of $30,000.

Solving the Puzzle

We upend the decision train, putting paying for college first.

No student should mortgage the future to pay for college today.

And parents must not let a bill for four years of education destabilize their financial security or risk money needed for retirement.

You’re in It Alone

When the bill arrives, families are on their own. No one—neither the high school nor the college—will help you pay the bill.

Financial aid exists, but tapping that ever dwindling pool of money takes determination, commitment and time. Simply, it’s hard, necessary work.

An Advocate You Can Trust

Families need someone on their side, a guide through the financial jungle. Our proven strategies provide the critical answers families should consider before choosing a college:

    • How much can the family budget realistically absorb?
    • Does your student’s aptitude and grades make him or her attractive enough that a college might offer discounts on tuition just to have a stellar talent on campus?
    • What are the financing options, and how does paying off that debt fit into the family’s long-term budget?
    • What strategies give you the best option for qualifying for financial aid?

Every Step of the Way

We develop a plan with you, but we don’t stop once the doors to the first class swing open. We stick with our families every step of the way, right through graduation. If financial circumstances change, we adjust our strategies.

Together, we solve the puzzle of paying for a college education. And we keep the student focused on learning and the future—not paying today’s bills.