The Plan

Your strategy for paying for college is as unique as your child’s personality.

No two are the same, so cookie-cutter solutions fail. To bridge the financial chasm college creates, consider your family’s tools, resources and mindset.
Rely on our three-step strategy, designed to give families the necessary blueprint to make realistic decisions about not only paying for college but also selecting a college.

When we’re done, you know your college budget before making the first campus visit or completing the first admissions application. No surprises. No unexpected disappointments.

And because we know the pressure parents face when considering paying for college, we lighten the burden right now. The first step is free.

Step One: A Free Financial Checkup and Strategy Session

A high-altitude look at the landscape of your family’s finances, and where your student’s college aspirations fit into the picture. From SAT scores and GPA to retirement plans and monthly budgets, we prepare a Preliminary College Funding Analysis.

The goal is The Number: the amount of debt a family is capable and willing to bear through a loan or other financial tool.

Step Two: A Detailed Strategy

With a firm financial target, we begin the hard work of matching a college, the cost of attending the college and your student’s educational goals.

We help you work through all the variables:

  • Strategies for financial aid.
  • The possibility of securing tuition discounts.
  • A plan for acquiring, and paying off, student loans.

And we’re with you throughout the college years. If your financial circumstances change, we tweak the plan to fit your new circumstances. And, we do it at no charge.

Step Three: The College Search

We offer an in-depth college search considering all of the variables, finances, financial aid, the price of the college and the student’s goals.

A professional college advisor spends an hour interviewing the family to understand the college goals. From there, we search our detailed database of colleges, matching your student—and your financial needs—with a list of target colleges.

When tied with the financial outlook, the report is a powerful online tool a family can use to refine the college search.