Choosing the Right College, Putting it All Together

With a good financial plan in place, a family faces only one more hurdle on the path to college—selecting the perfect school. It’s a big choice. It can shape a lifetime. And the college must fit your new money-conscious goals and provide the right academic match.

With thousands of college and universities out there, culling the list to a manageable number can take hours and hours. Or you can rely on our proven College Selection Strategy, a shortcut to the best college for your child.

The Interview

We begin with an hour-long interview with our college selection consultant, who will interview the student and family about the critical desires, needs and talents of the aspiring college student:

  • GPA and test scores
  • Desired career path
  • The ideal campus size
  • Ideal locations, such as a college close to home
  • The academic focus of the school
  • And much, much more

The Money Equation

Atop the base layer of personal specifics, we add the financial data layer to build a model of the types of college that fit within your target range. Then we compare your family’s unique profile to our in-depth database of up-to-date statistics on the nation’s colleges.

  • Acceptance rates
  • SAT scores of accepted students
  • Trends in student aid, including merit aid and non-need aid, such as discounts for students with high grade point averages.

Finally, we compare the profile against a proprietary database showing how specific college treated other families.

An Online Selection Tool

We package the results into an online tool, allowing your family to consider a range of college options. You compare your circumstances and needs with those of other families—real families and real college searches—to develop a short list of schools to target.

Fast. Accurate. Affordable—only $550. Our College Selection Strategy gives your family the right tool, right now.

Begin your college search today.