Your Strategy for Finacing College

Our College Cash Flow Strategy details a custom plan guiding you toward paying for college. The price is $495.

But we never stop with just the plan. As your financial circumstances change, we will make any necessary tweaks to the strategy throughout the college years.

Four years of service. Priceless peace of mind.

We design each plan for your family’s specific needs, touching on key aspects of college financing based on The Number—the amount you and your family is willing and able to pay for college.


No one likes the idea of taking on more debt, but often it’s a reality of paying for college. We work hard to make the task as painless as possible.

We evaluate all loan options, including home equity loans, private loans and federally-sponsored loans, such as the Parent PLUS Loan.

The IRS is always a consideration, and we evaluate the tax implications of funding a college education, which can vary based on the strategy.

On average, college students graduate with at least a $30,000 debt. We consider how much debt your student should take on and devise a strategy to pay off that debt.

We consider methods to manage existing debt, such as mortgages, second mortgages and auto loans. Then, we create a strategy to best structure the debt to free money to pay for college.

Understandable and Practical: A Plan Just for Your Family

The result is simple and straightforward. You will understand exactly the steps your family must take to free the money to pay for college—from refinancing homes to maximizing investment strategies.

Often, we can free enough money to allow you to pay for college without either increasing your overall debt or damaging long-term savings.